2020-2021 Learning Bursts

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Upcoming Learning Burst:
April 8th, 2021 (4:00 – 4:30pm)

These sessions are designed as a chance to have a quick burst of new learning provided by two NOIIE schools – complete with book prizes.  These events are offered free of charge and open to anyone interested in learning more about the impact of inquiry on the ground in BC schools.


Learn more about the past Learning Bursts below!

Past Sessions:


February 10, 2021

Sands Secondary School, Joanna Macintosh


Joanna has been an advocate for inquiry based learning for many years. She is going to discuss bringing the Spiral of Inquiry to student leadership service projects as a framework for creating positive change in the Delta School District. Students from three service learning inquiries will share their learning and their experiences. Inquiry topics including creating a peer to peer mentorship program to tackle negative social media experiences, antiracism and mental wellness will be discussed. Joanna believes that by empowering students to engage in collaborative inquiry, students will develop the competencies to influence positive change in the world around them.

Juniper Ridge Elementary, Sherri Hoffer

Juniper Ridge Elementary began its Spirals of Inquiry journey four years ago with a small committee that was committed to modelling the spiral framework throughout the year. My inquiry began with two primary teachers and myself as Learning Assistance Resource Teacher, looking at reading and asking ourselves if we were making enough of a difference for our at promise readers. Fast forward four years later, we now have 14 teachers (grades K-4) as part of our inquiry and many other teachers engaging in inquiries of their own.  Curiosity was sparked in other schools when our district brought the “Curiosity Cab “, a bus full of teachers from around the district to tour schools that had been engaging in the Spiral of Inquiry work. From there we have just begun a District Inter-school Spiral of Inquiry to explore their own curiosity with reading in their buildings. This framework has allowed us to focus our collaboration time and build a community where teachers are curious, continually reflecting and working as a team to explore their own systems.

Twitter Handle: @sherri_hoffer

November 18, 2020

Lindsay Park School, Michelle Iacoboucci

Michelle Iacoboucci will be joined by two teachers from Lindsay Park: Doreen Sharpe and Corissa Pasiechnyk. These two teachers have agreed and are excited about participating in the Network’s first mini-sessions. Both classroom teachers are passionate about place-based learning. Their focus this year is about how place-based learning can support all curricular areas, as well as have positive impacts on their learners’ social and emotional wellbeing.

Smithers Secondary, Nicole Davey

Nicole Davey will be joined by Julie Krall, principal from Smithers Secondary, who will share the work their grade 8 team has been doing around student centered transition. During the spring, the Smithers Secondary School grade 8 team reflected deeply on the needs of the incoming grade 8s, using the three big picture questions as a guide: What is going on for our learners? How do we know? Why does it matter?  After their discussions, they became curious:  Would creating a grade 8 class based on connection and place-based learning impact students’ sense of belonging?  Julie Krall, the principal, will share where they are at in their journey.