Aboriginal Understandings – Letter of Gratitude

By June 5, 2012Uncategorised

Within the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network, we take the position that learning more about Aboriginal culture and history, ways of knowing and wisdom traditions is absolutely essential for everyone in British Columbia and in Canada.

We are deeply grateful to mentors such as Lorna Williams, Laura Tait, Debbie Leighton Stephens, Stephanie Stephens, Gail Bedard and Colleen Hannah who over the past few years have shared their knowledge and experiences at the NOII – AESN seminars.

Last year, Laura Tait shared the draft form of a learning progression for Aboriginal understandings. This resource has led to some very thoughtful discussions and much thinking in districts around the province. You can find this posted on the NOII website as well as video clips from previous seminars.

We know that with the support of our Aboriginal colleagues, we can learn much more and we can move to informed action. We are proud of the growth that is taking place in many AESN schools – and  there is still a lot of work to be done.

Last week Brooke Moore, a teacher at  Rockridge Secondary in West Vancouver spent some time in Nanaimo with Laura Tait to explore questions that were troubling her. The letter that Brooke wrote in response to this day is a must read for all of us who are determined to make a difference to the outcomes of Aboriginal learners.

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