EBUS Academy SD#91 Nechako Lakes

School Name: EBUS Academy

School District: SD#91 Nechako Lakes

Inquiry Team Members: Alex Chan: jchan@sd91.bc.ca

Inquiry Team Contact Email: tclark@sd91.bc.ca

Type of Inquiry: NOIIE

Grade Levels: Secondary (8-12)

Curricular Area(s): Mathematics / Numeracy

Focus Addressed: Community-based learning, Core competencies (for example, critical thinking, communication, problem solving), Differentiated instruction, Flexible learning, Formative assessment, Growth mindset, Inclusion and inclusive instructional strategies, Self-regulation

In one sentence, what was your focus for the year? Engaging students through competency based learning while covering the content.

Scanning: Students were not confident in Math. We wanted to start building success for students and give them an opportunity to enter into a problem at a variety of levels. We used the OECD Principles of Learning, Learners at the center, because we did not assume their feelings, we asked them.

Focus: We hoped students would gain confidence in Math.


  • Students are taking passive notes
  • Students are being lectured​
  • Guiding students through a process​
  • Not allowing for creativity​
  • Students don’t get a choice​
  • Paper and pencil assessment​
  • Focusing on the content​

New Professional Learning:

  • We discovered Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics by Dr. Peter Liljedahl and felt that this would give students deeper learning and understanding of mathematics​
  • Collaboration with colleagues including a book club and Professional Development session

Taking Action:

  • Start small – take little steps but do something
  • Use a learning partner

Checking: “I do math as if I have loved it my whole life. When as a matter of fact I highly disliked it but now I actually enjoy doing math majority of the days because of this course and the fact that I have a great teacher.“​

“I feel that I do quite well in math now, it was always one of my favorite subjects, but I never understood it at the level that I do now.“​

Reflections/Advice: Just do it. How do you know what you are capable of until you try. Next: increase our influence; change more courses and continue the conversation with colleagues.

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