Indigenous Transitions Proposal

2022-2023 Indigenous Transitions Inquiry Plan Submission – Due December 16

*This form is specifically for schools in the Indigenous Transitions Cohort*

The Spiral of Inquiry provides the framework for Network schools to be curious about and (1) scan for what is going on for their learners, to develop a (2) focus for their team inquiry, to explore (3) hunches about what is leading to this situation (good and bad) for learners, to identify areas for (4) new learning, to (5) take action, and to (6) check how much difference these new actions are making to learners.

This Indigenous Transitions Inquiry Plan is based on the first four stages of the spiral of inquiry. The case study (submitted upon completion of this inquiry) will include a description of the actions you took throughout the year and the ways in which you checked to determine whether or not you made enough of a difference to your learners. Make sure you are clear on what indicators you will use during the checking phase well before you reach that stage.

In preparing your submission (due Dec. 16, 2022), please refer to The Spiral Playbook, the 4 Key Questions for Scanning and Checking, as well as other resources available on the NOIIE website – and please make sure to share these resource with your team members, particularly those who may be new to inquiry.

The Spiral Playbook – see more info here
The Spiral of Inquiry Overview – view here
4 Key Questions for Scanning and Checking – view here


2022 - 2023 NOIIE Transitions Inquiry Plan Submission

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  • Please list in this format: Joe Smith:, Mary Smith:, ....
  • For example: Indigenous learners in Grade 9
  • Indigenous Learner Data

    Please review the 4 Key Questions that Matter, and specifically, this scanning question: Can you name two adults in this school who believe you will be a success in life? As part of your scanning, use this question with the Indigenous learners you've identified as the focus of your inquiry and enter the data below.
  • Please plan to ask students this question again at the end of the school year. You will then report this quantitative data within your Inquiry Project case study submission.
  • Scanning, Focusing, Learning

  • Please summarize in a few words (one sentence) the specific focus for your inquiry. This does NOT need to be framed as a question.
  • In 2-4 sentences, explain how your team determined the focus for your inquiry. For example, how did your team engage in the scanning phase of the Spiral of Inquiry to help determine the inquiry focus? What additional questions did you ask to find out what's going on for your learners? What did you learn as a result?
  • In 2-3 sentences let us know about the new areas of professional learning you plan to explore connected to your focus area. Be as specific as possible.