Indigenous Transitions Project

NOIIE Indigenous Transitions Project 

This project explores how collaborative inquiry can help educators to improve transitions for Indigenous students—from grade to grade, school to school, and beyond school. It draws on insights from inquiry teams across British Columbia and from the coaches who were assigned to support their inquiries.

We are currently in the 3rd cohort (September 2021 – August 2024), which is being co-coordinated by Jana Fox and Lori Burger.

Indigenous Transitions Project Co-coordinators

Jana Fox

For many years, Jana has had the privilege to learn and teach with talented educators in the Bulkley Valley School District, located on the unceded Witsuwit’en territory. She is a district teacher for SD54 Indigenous Education and a vice-principal at Silverthorne Elementary. Working alongside brilliant NOIIE leaders, Jana supports school and district teams throughout British Columbia as they engage in the Spiral of Inquiry seeking ways to improve outcomes for Indigenous learners in their settings.

Learning is a deeply-rooted passion for Jana, reinforced by the inspirational and creative educators she’s encountered along her learning journey, and by the wisdom of Indigenous knowledge holders and her Blackfoot ancestors. She is committed to the work that leads to quality and equitable environments that nurture the growth and well-being of all learners. Jana is always learning and strives to become a story weaver, gathering and sharing stories, and taking actions that contribute to positive transformations in the education system and the Indigenous community.

Lori Burger

Lori is committed to uplifting Indigenous voices and passionate about Indigenous representation both professionally and personally. She cares deeply about Indigenous representation and reconciliation learning for all, and is actively involved in evaluating Indigenous literatures and resources for use in the K-12 public school system. She works with the Association of Book Publishers of BC Indigenous Books for Schools and the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) on authenticating First Peoples resources. 

Lori has been involved in Indigenous education for over twenty years in roles spanning from support worker to teacher, to district staff and administration. In past years, she was the Truth and Reconciliation Administrator for our local School district and is now currently a Truth and Reconciliation Helping Teacher with the SD52 Indigenous Education Department, as well as a high school Vice Principal. Her personal and professional focus has been, and continues to be, action toward the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action in education and Truth and Reconciliation.

Click here to view the presentation Jana Fox & Lori Burger put together for the 2022 NOIIE Symposium, featuring the current Transitions teams across British Columbia.

Current Indigenous Transitions Cohorts

2022 Indigenous Transitions Story

Nanaimo District Secondary School (SD 68) is part of the 2022-2024 NOIIE Indigenous Transitions Team. In this video, educators from NDSS emphasize the importance of relationships and a sense of belonging inside and outside the school building. Check out the video to learn how NDSS is building and strengthening their relationships.

2022 Indigenous Transitions Story

Charles Hays Secondary School (SD 52) is part of the 2022-2024 NOIIE Indigenous Transitions Team. In this video, Reagan from CHSS shares how utilizing and relying on a team-approach has been a game-changer in supporting the students, and the staff, at their school. Check out the video to learn more about how their team-approach works and who’s involved.

Past Indigenous Transitions Cohorts

2020 Indigenous Transitions Accomplishments

2019 Indigenous Transitions Accomplishments

Indigenous Transitions Research

2016-2018 Improving Transitions for Indigenous Learners Through Collaborative Inquiry: AESN Transitions Research

Read the full report here (84+ pages)
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NOIIE Transitions Video

We would like to thank the Vancouver Foundation for their generous financial support towards NOIIE. The Vancouver Foundation is dedicated to creating healthy, vibrant and livable communities across BC. Since 1943, their donors have created 1,800 endowment funds and together they have distributed more than $1 billion to charities. From arts and culture to the environment, health and social development, education, medical research and more, they exist to make meaningful and lasting improvements to communities in BC. With the financial support of the Vancouver Foundation, NOIIE has been able to take on more Transitions teams and continue to support BC educators in improving transitions for Indigenous students.