Laura Tait – Featured Speaker at NOII Symposium Tomorrow!

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The NOII Symposium is only a day away now! We’re excited to reconnect with friends and colleagues around “Stories of Change: Pictures of Possibility” featuring leadership in education in BC and beyond. We’re also excited to have Laura Tait as one of our featured speakers – making a repeat appearance this year as there is simply so much we can learn from and with her! 

Laura is Director of Instruction with the Nanaimo School District, and she plays an integral role in working with schools in BC to build Aboriginal ways of knowing into all aspects of learning and teaching, for all students. In some of her presentations in the past, Laura has shared her passion for challenging teachers to take action and include Aboriginal content in lessons, even if there are no Aboriginal students in their classes, with the understanding that all students benefit when all viewpoints and perspectives are valued in the school and classroom.  Building educational spaces where students and family communities can feel safe and valued is integral to every students finding success in school and beyond.

We’ve included a short clip below that captures a portion of Laura’s presentation last year.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Symposium tomorrow!

Introduction 3 points of inspiration (Laura Tait – Part 1) from Shawn Lam on Vimeo.

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