The world truly is a network!

By February 26, 2014Uncategorised

A  few months ago, we wrote about Colegio Institucion Teresiana, a school in Chile that is now a part of the NOII through the leadership of Network educator April Lowe. Having visited the school last summer, and now through on-line coaching, April and educators from Colegio Institucion Teresiana are working together on a school inquiry question around reading and literacy:

“Will an increase in the number of books in the classroom and the time children have to enjoy reading, complemented by knowledge and use of success criteria, promote a love for reading and better reading comprehension for our students?”
Staff at Colegio Institucion Teresiana have been busy using Adrienne Gear’s Reading Power and developing criteria for success to evaluate reading comprehension.  They have also been creating more welcoming spaces for reading for the students, incorporating more story time into the school day and through school events, and building connections with family around developing a love for reading. Check out their work in action through the photos below!

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