New South Wales NOII

The New South Wales (NSW) Network of Inquiry and Innovation (NOII) is a voluntary, inquiry-based network of schools, who are part of the international NOIIE family. The Network is led by Natalie Mansour, David Sim, Michael Newcombe, Hallie Baxter and Sue Sessions. NOII NSW provides many professional learning opportunities throughout the year, including early career teacher and senior leader conferences, literacy workshops, Spirals of Inquiry training, as well as an annual symposium. The Network prides itself on connecting like-minded educators to ensure quality and equity for all.

New South Wales – NOII Team


Impact of Study Tours:

Over the past 5 years, educators from Sydney have been visiting BC and the Yukon in the spring. Since NSW-NOII commenced, the team has grown in size and has gained profound energy and momentum! Witnessing Annieville Elementary in Delta, has led to some powerful work in a number of Australian Schools. Annieville Elementary is only one of many connections between NSW and BC/Yukon schools.

In October, Murat Dizdar [Deputy Secretary for Education in NSW] and Sarah
Mitchell [NSW Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning] spent two days visiting schools in BC and meeting with Ministry officials in Victoria to learn more about large scale improvement strategies and improving outcomes for Indigenous students. This has come about as a result of the teamwork between NOII NSW and BC!