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New Zealand’s network is led by Rebbecca Sweeney, a facilitator with CORE Education. Rebbecca supports a number of New Zealand schools in utilizing the Spirals of Inquiry approach, to better the learning of all. Rebbecca shares her knowledge and work with collaborative inquiry internationally and domestically, positively influencing teaching and learning around the world! CORE Education, under the leadership of Rebbecca’s colleague, Suzi Gould, developed the brilliant board game Catalyst — based on the Spirals of Inquiry. 


We are pleased to announce that Rebbecca will be part of a team of international and BC NOIIE leaders, sharing their experiences in leading spirals at ICSEI 2020 in Marrakesh. The papers that are being presented in January will form the basis of what we hope will be a useful set of resources across all networks!

September, 2019


Core Education – Spiral of Inquiry: Self Review & Reflection, Make a Copy

This document was created by Rebbecca Sweeney in 2018, and is an example of utilizing the Spirals reading “A Framework for Transforming Learning in Schools: Innovation and the Spiral of Inquiry” (Timperley, Kaser & Halbert, 2014), to engage in self-review post-inquiry phases.

Check out the PDF here !

New Zealand Ministry of Education – Spiral of Inquiry: Leaders Leading Learning

This resource promotes the leadership of collaborative, evidence-informed inquiry in ways that keep learners’ progress at the centre. It provides field-tested tools and ideas to support leaders and teachers to apply spirals of inquiry, learning and action with their learners…

Rebbecca Sweeney’s Toolkit for Developing a Hunch

This is a Toolkit of resources for educators to use when leading, designing and implementing the Developing a Hunch phase of the Spiral of Inquiry

Click here for the Hunch Toolkit !

Rebbecca Sweeney’s Template for Developing a Hunch

Here is a template to guide you through developing a hunch.
*Read the Hunch Toolkit first

Click here for the Hunch template !