Northern Territory NOII

About Northern Territory NOII

The Northern Territory (NT) NOII is made up of 4 schools: Nakara Primary School, Wagaman Primary School, Dripstone Middle School and Nemarluk School, each with a dedicated team of teachers taking an inquiry approach to transform learning and lift performance. NT-NOII is continuing to build their network with like-minded colleagues, to improve the learning experiences of their students.


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Impact of Study Tours

Jackie Roberts, leader of the NOII NT and part of the School Leadership and Improvement Team, is supporting leadership teams in small rural communities. Jackie was part of a study tour 3 years ago to BC. During her tour, she visited Alert Bay – a small village northeast of Vancouver Island – where she became motivated to improve Indigenous education in the Northern Territories.

September, 2019

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September, 2019

NT-NOII 2019 Case Studies

Dripstone Middle School

Nakara Primary School

Wagaman Primary School