Numeracy and Literacy Project

The NOIIE Numeracy and Literacy Project is an initiative launched in the fall of 2022, with the generous support of the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care. There are 10 schools across British Columbia, Canada, that are involved in this project focusing on improving the numeracy and literacy skills of Indigenous learners. The project seeks to incorporate Indigenous pedagogies into the Language Arts and Math curriculum, and foster a strong learner agency in these areas.

The first year of the project was successful, with several schools showcasing their work at the Symposium in May 2023 and all schools submitting thorough case studies in June 2023. Due to the positive outcomes of the first year, the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care has extended their support for this critical area of inquiry, and the project will continue another year. This will allow school teams to delve deeper into their inquiries and further improve their practices. We are grateful for their support in this important initiative to improve the education of all learners.

2022-23 Numeracy & Literacy Project Case Studies

Stay tuned for 2023-2024 Inquiry Plans.

See below for more information on the Numeracy and Literacy work currently taking place, including a list of participating schools.

Numeracy and Literacy Project Co-coordinators

Michelle Miller-Gauthier

Roberta Toth

Roberta Toth and Michelle Miller-Gauthier are district level support teachers in SD91 Nechako Lakes and co-facilitate the Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE) project on improving numeracy and literacy for all students, with a focus on Indigenous learners.  In their roles with NOIIE, as well as in Nechako Lakes, Michelle and Roberta work closely as a team in supporting education.

Both Michelle and Roberta were honoured to be accepted into, and completed, TELP through UBC (Transforming Educational Leadership Program) in 2021-2022.  This time together in deep learning has helped to support long-term, sustainable inquiry goals and is reflected in their work with this project.

Nechako Lakes School District serves learners from fourteen different Indigenous communities, creating a culturally rich environment for educators to learn in.  It has also fed their desire to learn more and help other educators deepen their practice with the lens of learning from Indigenous knowledge. Decolonizing assessment and learning experiences is one of Michelle and Roberta’s current explorations.

As settlers in Saik’uz territory, Roberta and Michelle continue to work toward reconciliation through education.  They have a passion for improving equity in the education system by learning from and with Indigenous educational leaders, connecting with Indigenous community, as well as by accessing and supporting resources in classrooms that center Indigenous experiences and knowledge.

Learning through and facilitating inquiry using the Spiral has been a focus area of both Michelle and Roberta, and they are looking forward to another wonderful year of learning alongside BC educators.

Current Numeracy and Literacy Cohort

  • Babine Elementary-Secondary School (SD 91)
  • Bayview Elementary (SD 68)
  • Courtenay Elementary School (71)
  • Horse Lake Elementary (SD27)
  • Kyuquot Elementary, Zeballos Elementary, Ray Watkins Elementary (SD 84)
  • Lochside Elementary (SD 63)
  • W. L. McLeod Elementary (SD 91)
  • William Konkin Elementary (SD 91)
  • Cayoosh Elementary (SD 74)
  • Southlands (SD 39)
  • Surrey District Team (SD 36)

Numeracy and Literacy Project Schools (Credit: Google Maps)

We would like to thank the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care for their generous financial support towards the Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education’s Numeracy and Literacy work.