The Catalunya/Barcelona network is a growing network of schools utilizing the Spirals of Inquiry approach to education, to improve learning for all. The Catalunya network has around ten facilitators, but is primarily led by Begonya Folch, Victoria Ibáñez and Mercè Mas — network designers & facilitators. This network’s program, “Xarxes per al canvi” or “Networks for Change”, is a public initiative formed from an agreement between four institutions: the Barcelona-Consortium of Education, Escola Nova21, Rosa Sensat Teachers’ Association and the ICE-UAB (Institute of Science Education). The focus of the Catalunya network is “to have all public centres in a network in the future, and to work together to improve the learning of everyone — students and teachers”

“All of this leads us to work together to build together with the rest of the world the Network of Networks, an ecosystem where we share the purpose of improving the learning of all the students to ensure everyone’s success, and to improve professional learning.”

“Because innovation is transformative when it is for everyone, durable, ethical and equitable.”


Networks for Change: Barcelona’s Committee of Education – Area of Innovation Programs and Formation (2019)

Barcelona to Vancouver
2019 NOIIE Symposium

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