Therese Hopfenbeck

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Self-Regulated Learning and Formative Assessment in the Classroom

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Therese Hopfenbeck, PhD
Professor of Educational Assessment, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Assessment and Evaluation Research Centre (AERC)

President, Association for Educational Assessment-Europe

Lead Editor of the journal Assessment in Education, Principle, Policy and Practice

Adjunct Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Member of the Visiting Panel for Research at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton

Chair of the PISA 2025 Questionnaire Framework group appointed by ACER and OECD (2022–26)

General Research Interests:

  • Self-regulated learning/Metacognition
  • Assessment for Learning/formative assessment
  • International large-scale assessment (PIRLS, PISA)
  • Classroom-based Assessment
  • Implementation and evaluation of Assessment reforms