SRL Practice Piece Submission

SRL Practice Piece Submission Form

Thanks for taking the time to share how you have supported SRL in your classroom/school.
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  • Is this an original resource you created, or was it inspired by another existing resource? If your work was inspired by an existing resource, please use the "other" button and list the resource(s) that inspired what you are sharing.
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  • Why did you create the resource?
  • How do you use the resource? (please provide as much detail as possible so others will know how they can use the resource in their own contexts)
  • Provide a Few Pointers. (please provide 1-3 lessons that you have learned while implementing this resource in your own context. This might include challenges you have faced and overcome while implementing the resource, ways to make implementation more smooth, and/or ways people might prepare themselves and/or their students before they implement the resource).
  • How does the resource benefit students and learners?
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  • Upload your 3-5 minute video, that provides an overview of your SRL practice.
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