Telling our NOIIE Network story . . .

We are putting together a series of short videos that will both capture the essence and values of the network and entice people to find out more about what the network has to offer.   Our goal is to capture the viewers’ attention, give them a sense of what the network is all about and spark their curiosity so they want to learn more and access the network and its resources.

Basically, we want to tell the story of the network and who better to do that than you?

You can help us out by recording a short (absolutely no more than 60 seconds!) video sharing one of your network stories.

Here’s what we’d like you to include:

Who are you? (Name)

Where are you? (Location, Traditional Territory)

Choose 1 of these prompts to speak to:

  • What brought you to the network?
  • What has kept you connected to the network?
  • Tell us about a specific transformative experience (a speaker you heard, a book you read, a colleague you met) you had through the network.
  • Tell us about a specific case study that stuck with you and what you did as a result of learning about it.
  • Tell us about a specific change you made to your practice through your use of the spiral.

Here are some tips:

  • Take the video in landscape mode.
  • Be as specific as possible.
  • Plan what you want to say and rehearse a couple of times so that you speak clearly and quickly.  You only have 60 seconds and you don’t want to fill up that time with unnecessary “ummms” , “uhhhhs” and pauses.

Submit your video below: