Teachers as Learners

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At a past NOII meeting, one of the constructive conversations that emerged was around teacher professionalism, including how we attempt to break down silos in our schools/districts in order to build networks of collaborative support, how we need to engage in professional learning outside of the school walls so that we can bring new knowledge back to our communities, and perhaps most importantly, the conditions needed to support this level of engaged, critical learning.  Brooke Moore’s recent article on the Canadian Education Association blog reminded me of this discussion, as she intelligently and critically takes up that last point when she grapples with the idea of empowerment, and being “empowered to learn versus supported to learn.”  Brooke frames this thinking as such: “I used to say, just give teachers space and time and amazing things will happen.  I will revise that now to frame teachers as learners: give learners space and time and amazing things will happen.” See the full, must read article here
In addition to saving May 8 & 9 to attend the annual NOII Symposium, here are just a few upcoming opportunities to engage in supported learning together:
NOII/AESN Extended Lower Mainland Network Meeting
January 19th4pm – 6pm
Surrey District Education Centre
Room 2020, 14033 92 Avenue, Surrey
Please RSVP your attendance to Donna Weaving: dweaving@dccnet.com.
5th Aboriginal Math K-12 Symposium
Sharing Approaches for Improving Aboriginal Mathematics Education
Friday February 27, 2015
UBC First Nations House of Learning (1985 West Mall) 
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Registration will be available by the end January 2015.
Please direct questions about the symposium to: indigenous.education@ubc.ca
Reconciliation through Indigenous Education
UBC Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
Register Now: ets.educ.ubc.ca/IndEdu200x
Registration code IndEdu200x
Course duration January 27 – March 10, 2015

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