Building Quality and Equity in BC Schools

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Just this past December, Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert were keynote speakers (along with Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves and Tim Oates) at the SSAT National Conference 2013 in Manchester, UK.   The topic for the conference was “Redesigning Schooling,” with Judy and Linda igniting discussions around building leadership and school-to-school networks through inquiry.  They were also able to highlight the innovative learning happening across BC schools and beyond.

Specifically, their keynote discussion (see the videos below) focuses on Developing a Collaborative, Inquiry Profession Focused on Equity & Quality.  You will hear in the video that Linda opens the talk by presenting the concept that all learners should be able to benefit from access to high quality, equitable education that offers the potential for choice and options upon graduation.
In thinking this way, they consider how to remain “intelligently accountable” for ensuring this high quality in education, and they work towards developing a new metrics, framed around 6 key concepts, for working towards this type of innovative leadership in education.  The framework provides a way of working through these big ideas in a very accessible and practical way, and certainly highlights the innovative educational leadership already at work in BC.
Click on the videos below to hear more.  You can also visit the conference website to access their presentation slides and hear other discussions.  

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