There are many educators with the Richmond School District that have been engaged with the Network and embracing the Spiral, and news ways of thinking and learning together. They recently held their Celebration of Learning, and Janice Novakowski (@jnovakowskisd38) has been wonderful in sharing ideas and pictures with us @noiiaesn (see below).

We know how crucial it is to create safe spaces to share what we are learning as educators and to tackle big questions together. So we’re very grateful that Hieu Pham-Fraser, Teacher Librarian at Archibald Blair Elementary, recently connected with us to share pictures from her inquiry project, as well as a fantastic video she has created around Collaborative Inquiry. The video describes collaborative inquiry from a conceptual framework, but it also provides details on strategies used by Richmond educators this past year, making it a useful tool and/or conversation starter for upcoming school or inquiry team meetings.

Janice and Hieu, among others, have also documented some of their collaboration strategies through the district blog. Check out this latest about their Playful Inquiry Dinner Series – very cool work!

#sd38 well represented at @noiiaesn end of year sharing circle. Such inspiring projects from across BC. #bced

— Janice Novakowski (@jnovakowskisd38) May 20, 2015

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