Inquiry in Action – Leaning from BC

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Right now, Linda and I are preparing to spend a week working with a group of schools in Sydney Australia who are interested in using Spirals of Inquiry to deepen their own work. As we were putting together our slides and our ideas for tomorrow, we were reflecting on some of the amazing work we have seen recently in BC. Over the next while, we are going to share some specific school stories with you on this blog – and we hope you will be as impressed and excited by the work as we have been.

Here are three examples just to kick this off.

Some of you may have read about the work on personalized learning taking place at George Bonner Middle Schools in Cowichan. We are pretty confident that if we dropped into George Bonner, we would be able to hear learners provide thoughtful answers to the key learning questions. Check out this recent article from Adminfo by principal Heidi Grant.

This year, we were fortunate to spend time in the Coast Mountains School District and to see the transformative work underway in a number of schools. We also really like this image from Suwilaawks Elementary School that was included in their growth plan. The work at Suwilaawks was also featured at the network seminar, but if you missed that, then take a look at this short video of a school on the move.

Finally, there has been a lot of interest in the Community of Learners work in Nanaimo. We really appreciate the teamwork that has created a short video explaining some of the key aspect of this work.
In addition to the Community of Leaners, there are also great video clips from other schools on the network website.   Stay tuned for more stories about BC schools over the summer!

And, all ideas about sunny Australia can be put to rest for this week at least. Storms are rolling in one after another.

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