Spring Forward With Learning

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The Network seminar is coming up May 6 and we are looking forward to a deeply engaging day of inquiry, sharing, new knowledge, and powerful connections. Here are a few of the topics we will be exploring….

You have probably heard of pop-up restaurants. Have you heard of pop-up farms? This work is really taking off in England and many other places around the world. Lots of you are thinking hard about how important it is for learners to have a real connection with the land – and we think the work of Paul Clarke has enormous applicability here in BC. Many of you are finding ways to build brisk physical activity into the first part of the day because you know what a difference this makes for learners cognitively, physically and emotionally. You are also working hard to incorporate Aboriginal ways of knowing into every aspect of the curriculum. And, you are exploring the ways in which technology can enhance inquiry – and shifting assessment practices can deepen learning. If these questions – and others – interest you, then we invite you to check out the NOII seminar. In addition to Paul Clarke, we have invited speakers – Paige Fisher, Sharon Friesen, Guy LeMasurier, Kim Schonert-Reichl and Laura Tait to join Linda and me in ‘deepening inquiry and building curiosity for a healthy learning world’. We are also excited to be incorporating a NETcamp experience into the program to provide you with the chance to explore additional topics of interest in your own setting.
Space is limited because we want to encourage deeper conversations and stronger connections.
We look forward to Sunday May 6 as a chance to spring forward with learning. Hope to see you there.

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