Summer reading list

By June 19, 2012Uncategorised

With only a few more days of school ahead, it is time to get that summer reading list ready! We’ve prepared a short list for you – some that will be great poolside reading (when the sun appears) – and others that you will want some quiet space to enjoy. We’d welcome comments on the blog about any of these books – or others that you would recommend. Happy reading!
Right now, we are working on an inquiry handbook that will be published in partnership with the BCPVPA.  Professional  inquiry is becoming increasingly a focus in many school and districts and we hope that building on the strong examples from network schools where inquiry has been driving student and teacher learning for quite a while will be timely and helpful. We are also working on a book with Helen Timperley on Leading Professional Inquiry that with any luck will be out by the late summer of 2013. No lounging about this summer! Maybe it is a good thing the weather is still rotten……

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