Dukwala’mas? – Do You See?

By February 16, 2014Uncategorised

Fort Rupert Elementary (SD #85) in Port Hardy, BC has just launched an innovative new project with their school community.  The project, titled “Dukwala’mas? – Do You See?” aims to connect students with traditional Kwakiutl art forms and inspire young artists toward a future in carving.

Fort Rupert Elementary students will have the opportunity to work with prominent Kwakiutl carver Trevor Hunt over the course of several months.  Trevor will work with students at the school every Friday from January to May 2014, and collaboratively, the group will co-create a large sun mask carving to display at the school.  

At this early stage in the project, students have already had the opportunity to work on pencil sketching, experience traditional forms of wood working, and experiment with their own interpretations and creativity. As the project continues, students will document their experiences and reflections through writing and an online photo journal.  

What an authentic way to connect students to their local community as well as celebrate traditional art forms and ways of knowing. Visit the school’s blogto watch the project unfold.  You can also see some of Trevor Hunt’s stunning art work here.  Thanks to ArtStarts, the BC Arts Council and the Province of BC for their financial contribution to this wonderful project. 

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