Fall News (and how to submit your inquiry focus)

By October 31, 2016case studies, inquiry questions
You know what’s exciting about this school year? Inquiry and team work seems to be a buzz all over the province! We’ve already heard from quite a few of you asking about how to submit your inquiry plans for this year – we love it when you are a step ahead of us!
So without further ado, here it is – the 2016– 2017 NOII/AESN Inquiry Proposal Template. This is up on our website too. Similar to last year, the process is streamlined. School teams use the template to submit their inquiry focus at the beginning of the year (due November 25th) and then submit case studies at the end of the year to document their experience and learning. Please share this template with your colleagues. It may also be helpful to review these helpful notes on the Spiral of Inquiry as well as the Four Key Questions for Scanning and Checking.
We also have lots of news to share – both from our recent Network Leader’s Meeting as well as all the interesting collaborations and events we have lined up for this year. If you haven’t already, please take a look at our Fall 2016 Network Newsletter for an update.
Finally, the 2015 – 2016 case studies are now posted on our website – see both NOII and AESN focused inquiries. For now, the case studies are listed in alpha order by school name, but we’re excited to let you know that we are in the process of planning for a new Network website! One of our ‘wish list’ items that we’ve heard from many of you is to have a searchable database for all the rich case studies documenting school learning. This will help to more easily and quickly see what other schools are working on and connect with school teams working on similar inquiries. We’ll work to incorporate that into our new site, but also welcome your feedback on other ways you’d like to use the site or access information. Please contact Sarah with your suggestions at noii.aesn@gmail.com.

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