Network school inquiries now up on website!

Network schools are now fully engaged in their NOII and AESN inquiries, collaborating across roles and schools to improve teaching and learning in their districts. Please take a few moments to scan through the list of topics and foci for this school year so you can see the breadth of learning taking place across the province, as well as potentially connect with another school and/or district working on similar learning goals. There are three lists of inquiry topics to explore:

Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network
Those focused on specifically on First Peoples Principles of Learning and Aboriginal worldviews. For example, history/culture, residential schools, place-based learning, self-identity, etc.
Aboriginal Impact Study
Secondary schools focused on student transitions. These schools are also engaged in a research study looking at the impact of their inquiry work. 
Network of Inquiry and Innovation
Schools focused on a variety of topics linked to specific school needs. For example, self-regulated learning, the new curriculum, student engagement, math, co-teaching and collaboration, etc. 
To learn more about the process that schools engage in, check out the Spiral of Inquiry guide and the Four Key Questions That Matter.  
If you see another school that is working on a very similar focus, why not connect with them to share stories and strategies? If you are not sure about how to connect, please contact us for support. 

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