SD91 Nechako Lakes SD#91 Nechako Lakes

School Name: SD#91 Nechako Lakes (Cross-School Initiative)

School District: SD#91 Nechako Lakes

Inquiry Team Members: Megan Boniface:, Nicole Arnold:, Anne Geddes:; Elizabeth Bennett:, Stacey Soffel:; Jana Jensen:, Sarah John:

Inquiry Team Contact Email:

Type of Inquiry: NOIIE

Focus Addressed: Our inquiry was a cross-school initiative between two rural elementary schools: Mapes Elementary and SinkutView Elementary, and our online school EBUS Academy. Our focus was on strengthening relationships with learners and families in our three schools to reduce barriers to success, by learning about our Indigenous Peoples’ history and culture. We were focussed on incorporating Indigenous ways of learning through relationship-building and on offering more cultural learning opportunities throughout the year. Our focal event was an educational haircutting potlatch that was held in the Spring.

Inquiry Story: We have recorded a video summary of our inquiry journey below.

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