Self-Regulated Learning

An Empowering Approach to Teaching and Learning

Hello and welcome to our project! We are an international group of researchers who study Self-Regulated Learning, or SRL for short. SRL describes how students flexibly and adaptively take control of what they are learning and how they are learning. They accomplish this by developing skills and strategies for managing their thoughts, feelings, and actions before, during, and after learning … something … almost anything.

We have learned a lot about how to help learners develop SRL from working with professional educators, such as yourself. We created this website as a place for sharing what we have learned and also continuing to learn with and from you. Ideally this page creates space for educators to learn about SRL, share tools and resources, and work through ideas and challenges to support students to develop as self-regulating learners.

Below you can “Meet the Researchers” and learn about their projects with teachers. You can see examples of “SRL in Practice” and “Hear from Teachers” about how their emphasis on SRL has benefited them and their students.

What is

SRL is a key to success, both in school and in life. Visit this section to learn more about this beneficial support for teaching and learning.

Meet the Researchers

We are a diverse group of researchers committed to connecting research on SRL to practice. We study SRL in different contexts using different approaches. Visit this section to learn more about us and our research.

Hear from Teachers

Teachers are often at the forefront of our efforts to generate and mobilize knowledge about SRL. Visit this section to hear what teachers say about how emphasizing SRL has benefited them and their students.

SRL in

Visit this section to read about tools you can use to support SRL in your classroom. You can also upload your own examples of tools and resources you have created to support SRL.