SRL Researchers

SRL Researchers

We are a diverse group of researchers committed to connecting research on SRL to practice. We study SRL in different contexts using different approaches. Check out our specific research topics below. 

Self-Regulation and Executive Functions in the Early Years 

Sarah Baker, PhD
Professor of Developmental Psychology and Education

Empowering Learning and Learners: What does self-regulated learning have to do with it? 

Deborah Butler, PhD Professor

Self-Regulated Learning and Formative Assessment in the Classroom 

Therese Hopfenbeck, PhD Professor of Educational Assessment, Director of the Oxford University Centre of Educational Assessment

Parenting In Support of Self-Regulation for Lifelong Learning 

Lynda Hutchinson, PhD Associate Professor

Self Regulated Learning and Mindsets: Empowering students to become strategic learners 

Yves Karlen, PhD

Creating Classroom Contexts that Support Self-Regulated Learning 

Nancy Perry, PhD

Collaborative Inquiry to Empower All Learners 

Leyton Schnellert, PhD Associate Professor, Eleanor Rix Professor in Rural Teacher Education

It’s Not Only About the Individual Teacher: Self-regulated learning in a whole-school context 

Hilde Van Keer, PhD Professor

Building Children’s Writing Skills Through Learning Through Play

David Whitebread, PhD Professor