SRL in Practice

SRL Practice

We have created this page to provide a space where our fellow colleagues can share SRL tools and advice that they have practiced in their own classrooms. We hope that you can utilize these resources to support SRL in your classroom. If you have your own examples of tools and resources you have created to support SRL, we would love to hear from you! Click the “submit practice piece” button to share your work with us and your fellow colleagues. 

SRL Practice Spotlight

Janice Wilson, Grade 4/5 Teacher
Delta School District (SD37) BC, Canada

The “Check-In Questionnaire for Student Self-Assessment” is a set of questions that students can use on a daily basis to self-reflect on their learning during both short-term and long-term tasks or projects. The resource can also be used on a wide variety of tasks, ranging from science projects to learning how to write a story. Students use the resource by answering a set of questions before, during, and after their learning. Students’ answers can then be placed chronologically in a learning journal for further review over time. This resource supports SRL by encouraging students to be metacognitive and strategic with their learning. Janice observed that, when students completed the Check-In Questionnaire for Student Self-Assessment daily, they learned how to better manage their time and effort, create reasonable goals, and begin to understand themselves better as learners. 

Check-In Questionnaire for Self-Assessment (PDF)


Janice Wilson is a Grade 4/5 teacher in the Delta School District in British Columbia, Canada. She became interested in teaching while serving as an Artist-in-Residence for the New Westminster School District. During this time, she was working with Kindergarten-Grade 7 students. Janice obtained her Bachelor of Education degree in 2004 and immediately began her career in Delta School District. After several years of teaching, she became interested in social-emotional learning and self-regulated learning as methodologies to teach at-risk students more effectively. Janice has worked with Dr. Nancy Perry for several years. Janice has noticed that emphasizing SRL in the classroom has helped students “understand their learning much better” and “bring the joy back into learning.”