Summer Institute on Self-Regulated Learning and Inquiry

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On July 2, 3 & 4, Dr. Deborah Butler and Dr. Nancy Perry are hosting a Summer Institute at UBC supporting educators in fostering self-regulated learning (SRL) in their classrooms and schools.  Through this transformative learning and networking experience, participants will consider why SRL is important, what educators can do to support SRL in schools (including goal setting), and how a focus on SRL can fit with other initiatives currently underway in BC (i.e. assessment for learning, teaching for diversity, etc.).  

A priority within the Collaborating to Foster Self-Regulation in Schools Summer Institute will be to enable educators, facilitators, and/or leaders to build from this summer event to take up “self-regulation” as a focus within on-going, inquiry-based initiatives. In an inquiry-based approach, educators work together in learning communities (e.g., learning teams) to advance their learning and practice around particular issues. As part of the Summer Institute, participants will not only develop foundational knowledge about SRL with potential to inform their practice, but they will also consider how individuals in varying roles or positions (e.g., teachers, facilitators, leaders) might work in concert to take up SRL as a focus of inquiry within their particular contexts.

Finally, while participants can take this Summer Institute as a stand-alone activity, it is also one key component of an “SRL Inquiry Hub” designed to provide on-going support to inquiring educators across an entire year. For more information on the SRL Inquiry Hub, and possible pathways for participating, please see the SRL Inquiry Hub webpage.

The registration deadline for the Institute is May 28, 2014.  Please visit the program website for more information, or contact Alejandro

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