William Konkin Elementary SD#91 Nechako Lakes

I. General Information

School Name: William Konkin Elementary

School District: SD#91 Nechako Lakes

Inquiry Team Members: Karie Evans: kevans@sd91.bc.ca, Miriah Donnelly: mdonnelly@sd91.bc.ca, Patty Bursey: pbursey@sd91.bc.ca, Melissa Mills: mmills@sd91.bc.ca, Katy Burkholder: kburkholder@sd91.bc.ca, Kristine Lamble: klamble@sd91.bc.ca, Dave Hutton: dhutton@sd91.bc.ca

Inquiry Team Contact Email: kevans@sd91.bc.ca

II. Inquiry Project Information

Type of Inquiry: NOIIE

Grade Levels Addressed Through Inquiry: Primary (K-3), Intermediate (4-7)

Curricular Areas Addressed: Other: All subjects

Focus Addressed: Core competencies (for example, critical thinking, communication, problem solving), Inclusion and inclusive instructional strategies

In one sentence, what was your focus for the year? Executive Function

III. Spirals of Inquiry Details

Scanning: Teachers wanted to increase efficacy when they addressed ADHD and other inattention diagnoses in their learners.

Focus: We were concerned that learners were not able to demonstrate their learning due to executive function, rather than an actual lack of understanding in many instances.

Hunch: Tacit assumptions of learner intentions and abilities.

New Professional Learning: Executive Function in Children and Adolescents book study and monthly or bimonthly PLC.

Taking Action: We implemented strategies or were able to name the research-based reasons for strategies we were already using.

Checking: We made a beginning on what will likely be a career-long study of individual and universal supports.

Reflections/Advice: The times meeting together and professional conversations were invaluable, as was the time to study research supported strategies.