William Konkin Elementary SD#91 Nechako Lakes

I. General Information

School Name: William Konkin Elementary

School District: SD#91 Nechako Lakes

Inquiry Team Members: Karie Evans: kevans@sd91.bc.ca

Inquiry Team Contact Email: kevans@sd91.bc.ca

II. Inquiry Project Information

Type of Inquiry: NOIIE Case Study

Grade Levels Addressed Through Inquiry: Intermediate (4-7)

Curricular Areas Addressed: Language Arts – Literacy, Language Arts – Reading

Focus Addressed: Differentiated instruction, Formative assessment

In one sentence, what was your focus for the year? Increasing literacy skills for intermediate-aged Indigenous learners who were two or more years below grade level.

III. Spirals of Inquiry Details

Scanning: We paid attention to the voices of the learners and then started to collect data. Learners were discouraged. Teachers were unsure how to address the range of abilities in the classroom, especially given the post-Covid learning gaps.

Focus: We were hoping to close gaps so that learners did not feel discouraged and could learn with their peers or access learning experiences that made them feel successful.

Hunch: Everyone in the same class is doing the same tasks.

New Professional Learning:

  • People with knowledge to share
  • Words Their Way
  • PM Benchmarks
  • Systematic Sequential Phonics
  • Games

Taking Action:

  • Collected data
  • Made literacy groups to respond
  • Checked in on learner progress every few weeks
  • Made adjustments

Checking: We made differences for everyone. Some students were identified for school-based teams. Even students who continued to have poor attendance made more progress.

Reflections/Advice: This is a long-term project. We need to support learners with learning gaps and absences as it has always been an issue in this school, even prior to Covid; we need a way for them to feel successful and not always “behind”.